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About the founder

Hi there, I'm Cyra Aggarwal, a 14-yr-old book-blogger behind The Literary Vault blog and the founder of The Literary Vault Book Box. Ever since I was in elementary school, books have been my portal to different worlds, an escape from reality, and my consistent friends throughout my life. This is particularly because of my many international moves with my family.

I wrote short stories and poems, published blogs on platforms like Medium, and even wrote a 100+ pages book in 6th grade for the 'Kids Write 4 Kids' national contest run by the Ripple Foundation in Canada. Although I didn't make it to the finalists, the experience of writing an 8-chapter book taught me perseverance and encouraged me to continue my writing journey.

Friends and cousins often asked me for book recommendations, which sparked the idea to start my book blog, 'The Literary Vault.'

This blog became my sanctuary, where I shared book reviews and recommendations and built deep connections with my community of readers, authors, and publishers. Running the blog not only expanded my knowledge of literature but also provided me with valuable experience in managing a small blog business while improving my organizational skills.

Interacting with bestselling authors and enthusiastic readers fueled my passion and deepened my commitment to creating a space where everyone could find their next great read.

As the blog grew, I further wanted to expand my platform. This led to the creation of The Literary Vault Book Box, a book subscription service for young adult readers. I spent months brainstorming ideas, refining the concept, and working out the logistics.

Finally, in April 2024, 'The Literary Vault Book Box' was born—a culmination of years of dreaming, planning, and hard work. With each box, I hope to bring joy to readers' lives and support literacy among the underprivileged.

But this journey isn't just about me—it's about all of us who share a love for literature and a desire to make a difference. So, welcome to The Literary Vault, where dreams become a reality and every page holds the promise of adventure. Join me as we write the next chapter in this incredible story together. “Unbox Imagination, one book at a time!”

By purchasing from my shop, you will not only support this young entrepreneur but also support her mission. 5% of your invoice will support children's literacy by providing access to books for the underprivileged.

Cyra Aggarwal